I’m coming home!!! Yay!

I have missed home so much this trip. I have missed the support of my friends and family while being on the ‘prep-stuff’. I mean I should really be used to this by now right? Ive been telling myself to, SUCK-IT-UP, do not moan, just do it! But I have to admit that I have missed having people around me that could just give me a hug and tell me that it is going to be ok. We forget how precious and comforting those moments are when we don’t have them, so I’ll counting the minutes until I get to hug my husband and sleep in my own bed.

I’ll be going for a scan on Friday morning to check my lining. Thinking about it makes me a little more anxious, a little more nervous and a little more scared. It’s so easy to be full of *rainbow farts* when you are prepping. It’s the serious stuff that makes you consider the ‘what if’s’ a little more seriously. I know the realities, and I know that I must just take this one step at a time and I know that the outcome has already been decided. I know that I may get a BFP and I know that I may get a BFN and that scares me.

All I can do at the moment is stick to these little bits of positive information.

We have good embryo’s.

We got a pregnancy last time.

The intralipids may make a difference.

Here we go sista’s! Please can this be my last treatment.