I’m not looking for any sort of sympathy here, I know this is all my doing and now I must SUFFER!!!!!

It’s my second day nicotine free and I am a little moody, but very very determined. I knew it was a bad decision to start again after I had stopped for nearly a year, and even when I started again I knew I would have to stop. I’ll blame the decision on grief and move on I think! It was definitely a ‘cut your nose to spite your face’ type of decision.

So on my second day of quit ville I am trying to remind myself of the evil nicotine facts. They certainly are 100% true for me and helped me last time.

1. After 48-78 hours all nicotine has left your body. These first three days are the hardest and after this it gets slightly better.

2.I am doing this because I want to get pregnant AND I want to be healthier for me. These reasons are stronger than nicotine addiction, so I can do it!!!

3. I’m imagining a small nicotine monster in my tummy. He begs me for nicotine every now and then, in fact he throws temper tantrums.  I imagine him slowly losing control, getting weaker and weaker with each day….until he is no more.

4. I’m reminding myself. I don’t like smoking! It’s a smelly terrible habit! Babies smell a lot nicer.

I went on a course once that says it takes 14 days to break the nicotine addiction physically and physiologically. As I recall last time that was the case. So 12 days to go and I’m going to be very busy in Lusaka for seven of them.

Let’s get this show on the road!!