Its funny how every year you seem to say – What a crappy year!!!

Well after this year I can safely say that all the other years were bloody marvelous compared to this one.

But I’m not going to linger on it, no!

2010 will be good!

We will look on the bright side and be positive.

I am now on my third day of BCP and I’m hoping to have embryo transfer sometime around Valentines day. First, it’s off to Lusaka and then home for two weeks. Then I’m off to Lagos for two weeks and hopefully I can start the estrogen during that trip. So I’m thinking that we’ll know the good or bad news before the end of Feb.

I am confident that even if we get a negative on this FET, we’ll have a positive on our next cycle. Why? Because we deserve it!!! You all know how it goes, the reality is always in the back of your mind, but you ultimately have to be positive while you are in it.

I pray for a great 2010 for all my sista’s as well. We ALL deserve this so much!