Hello Bloggers and welcome to my little space on the net.

My blog is name skrambled in honor of my eggs. They were lovely eggs at one stage, like at the age of 16!!!

But alas, now they have passed their expiry date and cannot be used anymore. I suppose I could be supper positive and hope that one day one of them will be the one, but I am just not willing to spent R30 000 a cycle on them. So I have moved on to donor eggs.

My last IVF was in April 2009 and unfortunately we miscarried at seven weeks. I took a nice break to let myself grieve and heal and I am now awaiting AF so I can start BCP. Then hopefully we can thaw our precious four frosties and transfer at leat two of them back. (Please, please, please!)

Thanks for stopping  by, I promise that the next post will be more interesting.