I’m sorry this is going to be a very negative post (abortion mentioned), but I have to get this off my chest I’m very angry.

On Tuesday night, someone very close to me decided to share a secret. Him and his girlfriend had a termination four months ago.

He felt he had to tell me because he is feeling so guilty about it. Not guilty about the decision, just guilty because they were given what I want so much.

My reaction has gone from calm, to annoyed to f&*king MAD!!!!! I’m not sure who I am more angry at, him or the stuffed up way that the world works!

At first I accepted their decision, but now I’m thinking HOW COULD YOU DO THAT!

How could you not recognize this as a miracle!!!! Could you not have just done it for me!!!

Their excuse, ‘We weren’t ready!”

Well I am ready! Where the hell is my child!!!