So, it seems that all is falling into place and I am really glad that I put my FET off until 2010.  I needed to move from one space to another and make a shift in my thinking and the wait has definitely been worth it. I also needed to do some healing and I think the time did the trick.

I have some travelling planned for January, first Lusaka for a week and then Lagos for two weeks. During this time I’ll be on the pill prepping my body. If memory serves me well, I’ll be on BCP for a month. Then AF, Lucrin and then on to the etropause. By this time it will be early Feb and my travelling will be done. So I can focus on the treatment.

I am getting very excited, although cautious at the same time.

What if none of the frosties make it?

What is I get a BFN?

I would really really like to at least make it to transfer, please. But lets see, what will be will be…..