This weekend we went to a wedding in Hazeyview, which is near to Nelspruit. I was a MISSION to get there as we drove most of the way in terrible terrible rain, but the wedding was very enjoyable. My dad and I went together as the bride was a business partner and friend of ours.

The bride is a wonderfully quirky, relaxed, special person and the wedding really mirrored her style and personality. The couple were wed outside with all the guests standing around the gazebo they got married under. Everyone was encouraged to get to get a drink to sip on during the ceremony and we were all given lovely parasols to hold.

The wedding speeches were very short and sweet, with very little formality. We ate and then everyone was encouraged to sit outside around bonfires with their drinks to hear the rest of the speeches. Small versions of hot air balloons were passed around and each guest was asked to write their wish for 2010 on the balloon. The balloons were then lit and sent up into the air. It was such a precious moment. Everyone cheered as each balloon took off into the sky, higher and higher until they could only be seen as small dots. It was a really lovely moment.

So I’m sure you can guess what my wish was…..

‘Please please can I have a child in 2010, I would be very grateful’ 🙂

The year is almost over. I have two more weeks of work and then I can have a lovely three week break. I’m then looking forward to going on my 2010 health kick! No smoking, less wine and more exercise!

Please let it be a better year! We deserve it!!