If you were wondering when I was going to do my FET, you have come the the right place.

I have made the decision to stop smoking on the 1 Jan and go on the pill with my late Dec/early Jan cycle. That should mean that we can do a mid Feb transfer. We are going down to the coast over Valentines day, so I’m hoping that I’ll be in the TWW during that time. Not that I believe that relaxing has anything to do with a BFP! It will just be a nice, restful break.

I’m feeling ready now, and I am so glad I waited. Looking back it would have been a really bad decision to do my FET in Sep/Oct. There was so much that went wrong in my life then, it just wasn’t the right time. Although, I think the main problem is that I was simply not ready to do treatment. Something has changed in my heart recently and I now feel ready to go ahead. I feel ready to be pregnant again, whereas before the thought of being pregnant really stressed me out. I’m ready for hopefully a BFP and please please please doubling betas!

I will probably have to do some travelling after my FET.  Most of the projects I am working on have been moved out by a month or so. Mostly because people are taking their sweet time! This has moved my travelling out to March or April, but I’ve decided not to plan my FET around my travel. Work must fit in with treatment now! I have waited long enough.  The best thing is that I am getting lots of opportunities to work in SA, which possibly means that I can turn some offshore work down…….CHEEKY!

I’m not feeling 100% positive about this cycle. I’m not negative, I just really don’t know what to expect. Anything may happen.

We may get nothing to transfer.

We may get one or two embies, leading to a BFN or BFP!

I really don’t know.

I do feel that we will get a 2010 BFP though! We have decided that if we get a BFN for the FET we’ll go straight into a fresh cycle. I have a feeling that between the two cycles we’ll get our BFP. Hopefully on the FET, but if not then the fresh.

I dare say I’m looking forward to my FET! I can feel my mindset changing. I can actually ‘Think-Baby’ again, and I’m even interested in getting healthy!!!!  I am starting Pilates from next week and I am making more of an effort with my diet.

So who knows gals!

All I can say is GOODBYE CRAPPY 2009! HELLO 2010!!!!!