What a great weekend! It has easily been the busiest weekend I have had in a long time.

Here’s how it went.


  • We both wake up at 7:30 so I can leave by 8:30.
  • DJ leaves to go to the birthday of  his assistants two year old daughter.
  • I leave to go and watch my BFF’s son in his first play. He was a cowboy!
  • Arrive in Florida at 9am – Watch the very cute play until 10am.
  • Feel really teary by the end of the play.
  • Rush off and have a small cry on my drive home.
  • Phone my mom and Joni because I am feeling down…..Feel a bit better.
  • Sweep and wash down the garage floor, while I wait for DJ to get back from the party.
  • DJ gets back.
  • We and visit my mom and have some lovely rye crisp breads. (Make mental note, must by rye crisp bread for home.)
  • Go from my mom’s house to collect some beautiful wrought iron outside furniture.
  • Load the furniture on the back of DJ’s bakkie.
  • Realize that it won’t all fit and we’ll have to make another trip next weekend.
  • Drive home very carefully.
  • Get home and unload the 2 pool loungers and chairs.
  • Go to the shop to buy some meat and wine to have a braai. Look for the red wine we had at bookclub (Cafe Culture) but can’t find it.
  • Get the DVD Angels and Demons to watch after the braai.
  • Go home and have a glass of wine under the gazebo.
  • Have braai, watch movie, collapse into bed.


  • Wake up at 8:30 for some unknown reason.
  • Get up have French toast and watch an episode of Will and Grace.
  • Go the my old office to pick up a desk an cabinet.
  • Figure out that the cabinet is VERY heavy and call a security guard to help.
  • Load everything on the bakkie and drive home.
  • Unload the desk, but quickly learn that it is too wide to fit up our stairs.
  • DJ takes desk apart, moves it upstairs and re assembles it.
  • Unload cabinet.
  • Measure width of stairs to make sure it will fit.
  • After lots of pushing and pulling  we get to the top of the stairs only to realize that the cabinet is too big because we haven’t taken the door frame into account.
  • Start taking the very heavy cabinet back down the stairs.
  • Loose my footing, cabinet slides down the stairs at full speed breaking a tile and crashing into my thighs (I now have two LOVELY bruises)
  • We decide that the cabinet shall live in the garage.
  • DJ kicks the cabinet out of frustration and hurts his toe….
  • We take the cabinet to the garage and realise that we have to get rid of some junk in there.
  • We load it all into the bakkie and take it to the dump.
  • Not a word is spoken between the two of us as we are simply exhausted.
  • Get home, have some wine and watch Four Weddings and a funeral.
  • Make supper, watch two episodes of friends.
  • Fall in to bed.

Needless to say my body is very very sore.