Shaz’s post really spoke to me the other day. It took me back to the beginning of the year, when we were all in a different place. It made me think about the friendships that have been formed along the way and how special they really are. This may be mushy……but gals this is for you!!

I can never fully know your pain because it’s yours.

You can never fully know my pain because it’s mine.

But I thank God for your friendship every day, because you’re closer to knowing than most.

And even if I can’t fully know your pain I recognise of it.

I recognise the sadness,



the frustration and hope.

Sometimes, I don’t know what to say.

Sometimes, I can only imagine the place you are in.

Sometimes, I say the wrong thing.

But my heart only wants success and happiness for you in any form.

One day, somehow, we will find that place!

And where ever that place is….we’ll celebrate!

This is dedicated to the wonderful woman that I have cried, laughed and drank loads of wine with 🙂

And an extra dedication goes to Joni, as she celebrates her sweet son Adam.