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Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable.

We started our journey in 2003. I when off the pill and started to experience major period pain. We discovered later that this was because I had stage four endo…. 😦

Our FS at that time suggested a few timed cycles with clomid, but nothing happened.

My mom then suggested we have a second opinion – Just for fun! So we did!

My second laparoscope in 2004 showed extremely damaged tubes. Our FS sent us straight to IVF!!

By this stage we had also discovered that my FSH was high – 15. So when my first IVF failed we had the donor egg talk with my FS. At this stage it was just a possiblity. After my second failed IVF my FS sat us down and gave us the ‘official’ donor chat! What I loved about this FS was that he was so honest, even though the honesty hurt. He told us that from what he had seen, my egg quality was not good.

IVF one: 5 eggs, Two embryos.

IVF two: 7 eggs, One embryo.

So we went onto the waiting list and did an egg share the following year, unfortunately NONE of the donors eggs fertilized so we had to cancel the cycle. We took a loooooong break after that. We needed it!

In May this year I got my first BFP ever from my second donor cycle. Unfortuneatly we miscarried at seven weeks. It’s the most heartbreaking event I have ever had to endure.

We have four frosties from our last cycle. FET in Jan/Feb. Lets see what happens.

I’m so scared!