So I’ve been thinking a lot about what we should expect from a donor agency. I must say that the answer isn’t clear in my mind yet, but I would love to know what other people think and feel.

Lets talk about the cost. Yes it is high, my first reaction to this was one of surrender. What can you do! If it’s my only option, I’m really not going to argue about it.

Then I thought about it, some more and came to another conclusion. To justify this charge  the agency must have a lot of running costs to cover. I’m sure that advertising space does not come cheap and there must be a lot of admin to be covered. Then there is keeping in contact with the donors and staying in touch with the recipients. Fertility clinics do not recruit donors anymore because it is too much work. So surely there must be a lot of time that needs to be accounted for.

I thought that finding donors could be compared to recruiting the perfect candidate in a recruitment agency. Most people may say that R20 000 is a lot to pay for a recruitment agency to find you a candidate that will fill a junior management position. However, having had some experience in this I would say that it is justified.

In order to find this person I must,

  • Advertise a lot. Then I’d have to sift through all the CV’s I received to shortlist a few possible candidates.
  • Then I must phone each of them and set up an interview which will last about 30 minutes per candidate.
  • After that I need to check their references and further shortlist the candidates I now have.
  • These candidates will them be recommended to the client and will possibly be chosen to come in for an interview.

If I look at it this way then yes, I can see that the cost would be justified. However then I would expect my agency to;

  • Provide me with a donor that I am comfortable with, for example, age, features, health etc.
  • Provide me with a donor that has a good medical history and is in good health.
  • Provide me with a donor that is reliable.
  • Provide me with a donor that gives me the best chance possible at a pregnancy.
  • Assure me that you will be in contact with my donor throughout my cycle, leaving me with minimal stress.

Food for thought. What do you think?