Time to exhale.

The last two weeks have been very difficult, but I’ve made it and I’m proud of myself. I’m proud of myself because I am TERRIBLE with conflict and I have managed to be assertive and un-emotional (on the outside). I’ve dealt with the issues head on and been firm. *pat on the back for me*

As I mentioned in my previous post there is a lot of change happening around me. The change has most come about as a reaction to financial crisis, but I am convinced that it is all going to work out for the best.

From the 1Oct I will no longer have an assistant and from 1 Nov I will be working from home.

These changes are huge and they mean that;

1. I’ll have to take on the crappy work.

2. I’ll have more freedom and flexibility.

I’ve never done this before and while I am looking forward to it there are a few negatives I’ll have to overcome.

1. Loneliness

2. Sticking to office hours – As in switching my computer off by 6pm.

But the positive outway the negatives;

1. No traffic!

2. Being comfortable in my own environment.

3. Having my dogs around to keep me company.

4. Being able to have a quick dip in the pool during lunch time.

5. Being able to cook supper slowly while I work and attend to other household chores in the background.

Generally, its going to be a nice change – I hope!