So day one of training completed and I’m feeling more settled here.

I miss everyone so much, but I know the time will fly. Before I know it I will be at home.

There are definately a few things I do enjoy about traveling, so in order to lighten the mood from my last post here they are.

1. I can watch all the comedy TV I want. They actually have a whole channel dedicated to shows like Frasier, Everyone loves Raymond and How I met your mother. Heaven to me and a real pick me up.

2. The food, ahhhhhh man! I really have to control myself otherwise I really will roll home.

3. The diversity. Its so interesting to be surounded by all these different cultures and acents. Very refreshing!

4.No doing dishes, cleaning the kitchen, making dinner and more time to blog…..!

5. I know the management team well enough to be able to have a semi-casual conversation with them. So I’m not totally isolated.

6. There is no crazy chef sending me strawberry’s. ๐Ÿ™‚

7. Can’t complain about chocolates on the pillow everynight.

Thats it, see I can try to be positive, I can I can I can!!