I found these while I was organising my server yesterday. It really stirred some nostalgic feelings within me. Here is what was happening in those times.

Oct 2004

This was taken at a friends birthday dinner in Oct 2004. We had been married for three years. I had just had my second laparoscope here.

Dec 2005

This was taken at my dad’s house in Knysna in Dec 2005. By this time we had been through two negative IVF’s and were on the list for a donor egg.


This was taken in December 2006 at my mom’s birthday bash. We did our first donor cycle that year. Unfortuneatly it was cancelled as none of the eggs fertilised. I also remember how happy I was too be home in this photo. I had just spend a month in Dubai. It was definately a year of travelling for me. I’d been on many many over seas business trips that year. I am so glad that I don’t do as much travelling as I used to.


This is us at my dad’s wedding. We had decided to take some time off from TTCing in 2007. We planned to start again in 2008 – Little did we know that it would take another year to get our act together.


This was taken at a family day in 2008. I can’t remember what month this was. But we definately had IVF on our minds.

Writing all of this reminds me how quickly time can fly by. It also reminds me of how much we have achieved during this time. Mostly though, it reminds me how much I love my husband. We have gone through a lot together.

I love you my bug!