I have been thinking of starting the BCP for my FET in September instead of August.

Firstly I am pooping scared! Scared of what? Firstly scared that it won’t work and then scared that if it works we will miscarry again.

Miscarriage has certainly changed my feelings about a BFP. I’ll definitely be excited, but I have given family STRICT instruction not to pass out any happy news until we get a heartbeat.

It was just so uncomfortable to have to tell people the bad news. I felt like a moron. I know I shouldn’t feel like a moron – but I did!

It’s like “Yay, I’m pregnant!” and then “Sorry guys false alarm!”

The second reason for the postponement is the business. Boy has it been stressful. I have been marketing my ass off to make sure that next year we have some secured work. I just want that extra month to make sure that we are gonna be okay. The last thing I want is to deal with the stress of a possible bust business while I am pregnant (positive thinking).

But then on second thought I wonder if I should just go for it. Is one month really going to make a difference?

Maybe I should JUST DO IT! Like pulling off a plaster. After all the success of this FET has already been determined. Is it really going to make a difference if I wait one more month?

Advice please……