Well the month of June has been a tough month. The grief has been tough, but I do feel that I am on my way to great emotional health. I have really let it all hang out this month. I have done lots of smoking and drinking, and had loads of late nights. In a way it was what I needed to do. I always hit the wine after a failed IVF. It’s really not the best way to deal with it. But hey! What exactly is the best way? I say – do whatever keeps you sane.

Thinking about going into July has got me pondering some changes I need to make. The over indulgence has to stop. So from today I start my alcohol free week days and NO MORE SMOKING! I’m not going to put myself on a diet, but I am going to make sure I am having less junk and more fruits, veg etc. I also have a few other things that I am going to throw into the mix.

My FIL’s girlfriend is a Reiki master and she has agreed to do a few sessions with me. Which I am looking forward to. I really want to get my emotions sorted out before the FET and I think this would help.

My new thing
I love entertaining! Yesterday I had my mom, FIL and his girlfriend around for Sunday lunch. I made Mousaka and we sat around and chatted sipping on good wine. It was fabulous. I really enjoyed making and serving the mousaka, and I really want to experiment with some new recipes. So I have decided to try out one new recipe per month and test it on my friends. So my new thing is to have a dinner party once per month and invite a different couple every month.

Movie Night
I reckon one Movie night per week would be awesome, even every second week. So hubby and I are going to try this out. We’ll pick a night when there is nothing good on TV and go and watch the early movie. I find it so relaxing and I think that it would be good for our relationship too.

So goodbye June and hello July! One month closer to FET.