Lately I have been thinking. I want to help other women who are dealing with infertility. I’ve wanted to do it for a long time and have become very passionate about it. I feel that I have a lot to offer in the areas of empathy and understanding when it comes to infertility. I know what it feels like and I have experienced a lot of the different aspects of fertility. Infertility has become part of my life. It has touched me deeply and I don’t think that I will ever forget my experience or lose the insights that I have gained as a result.

So last week I was surfing the net while doing some business research and I stumbled upon a very interesting site.  The sites purpose was to market a woman’s coaching practise. And on closer inspection I noticed that this woman specialised in Fertility coaching. Interesting! And this was when I started to get excited.

Do you know that I am a certified Life Coach?

I checked the idea out with a few people close to me and I definitely got the thumbs up.

So who can guess what my idea is?

I want to start building a coaching practise that focuses on helping woman who are currently dealing with infertility. I figure I have the skills and I do have something to offer.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with what coaching actually is…………

What is coaching?

Coaching allows an individual to realise their potential and move their life forward with positive and powerful results.

“A coach is a person who supports people (clients) to achieve their goals, with goal setting, encouragement and questions. Unlike a counsellor or mentor, a coach rarely offers advice. Instead, a coach helps clients to find their own solutions, by asking questions that give them insight into their situations. A coach holds a client accountable, so if a client agrees to a plan to achieve a goal, a coach will help motivate them to complete their plan.” Wikipedia

A coach is like………

A mentor: Someone who believes in you and helps you to set and reach big goals.

A manager: Someone who monitors you and helps you over the hurdles.

A personal trainer: To keep you moving

A sports coach: To help you “perfect your game” through constructive feedback.

A coaching series runs over a course of three months, using a one-on-one session every week. These sessions may be run face-to-face or over the telephone according to the clients preference.

So now for the give away……

I am offering one three month coaching session to someone who thinks that they may benefit from Fertility Coaching. Hopefully the experience will be helpful to you and you will be able to give me a good reference. If you are keen you can e-mail me on

For anyone wanting to get a taste of what coaching is I always offer a free trial session to anyone interested.

What do you think?

Edited to add: I am in JHB.