I had my second appointment with my counsellor today. I am glad that I have found someone that I like to speak to again. And I feel that speaking to her has helped me to move forward.

When I got back to the office I spoke to a friend on skype who asked me about the session. I told her that it went well and really validated what I am currently feeling. Her reaction was to say, “Well that is what happened last week, what else did she tell you.” On reflection of the conversation I began to think about the benefits of counselling and what it can offer me. Her reaction also reminded me of my husband’s comment last week. “It’s a waste of money if she is just going to tell me that this is a process and that it is hard”

I know that counselling is not for everyone. Not everyone benefits from it and some people prefer other ways to work through their problems. But in thinking about the reactions that I have experienced from my friend and husband I feel compelled to put this thought out there…….

What do you expect from a counsellor/psychologist?

Do you believe that this person is going to heal you?

Is it their job to tell you how to make everything better?

Do you go to a session leaving everything in their hands?


Do you go to this person knowing that they don’t have the answers either?

Do you go with the acceptance that you are ultimately responsible for your healing?

Do you accept that this person is merely a facilitator in your healing?

I really want to know what you think.

I’ll tell you what I think in my next post.