I feel better today.

I have no idea why but I don’t really care. I am just happy that I can smile.

Last night my cousin came over with curry and some wine. We chatted and chatted until all the wine was finished. The nice thing was that we didn’t chat too much about the miscarriage. Not because we were trying to ignore the issue, but just because we didn’t NEED to. Naturally we did for a bit, but the rest of the conversation was filled with laughter and general chit chat. I especially enjoyed the part where my hubby had to explain why he loves “‘The bold and the beautiful so much”. And why this is a perfectly manly thing to do…….

We are so blessed to have so many people around us that generally love and care for us. Knowing that is really such a comfort. It makes the lonliness less intense.

I am also going for a counselling session next week. Which I think is absolutely essential.

So…..I do know that I am not completely healed and brand new. But I do know that I am getting there and I feel a little better.

One day at a time….