Fat bastard chardonnay.

My favourite wine. I think I’ll be sipping lots and lots of this over the next few weeks. It also goes best with a good friend or a really nice TV program.

Snuggling up to my husband under the covers (It’s not what you would think)

This is just heaven to me. My husband has the most snuggly body EVER! (Well I think so) This snuggle usualy occurs on a Sunday afternoon, and the best is that it is strictly about cuddling (No hanky panky) We always falls a sleep, but I guess that shows that we are relaxed.


Yes, I am one of those sad females that LOVES friends. I have the entire series on video and I am now working on collecting all the DVD’s. I don’t know what it is but it always cheers me up.


Even though I collect the DVD’s I don’t collect the humans. I don’t have friends for the sake of friends. If I call you a friend then you are someone who is very special to me. I think you know who you are. Your love and care over this time is priceless!!! An sms, a bottle of wine, a hug, a long heart to heart goes a long way.

Soup and rolls.

Has to be homemade!!!

My dogs

Yes they do fart! And sometimes they are naughty, but they are SO cuddly! I love it when they run up the stairs in the morning and bounce on the bed.