So on Wednesday I decided that I would like to have the D&C. So it was arranged for Thursday.

The reason I chose to do this was because I just did not feel like dealing with the bleeding. And I am so glad I did because of the bleeding I experienced before I went into theatre.

Warning: TMI!

The bleeding started just after I was addmited. The first really crap part was that it really came with no warning at all and so the linen on my bed had a spot or two on it. The nurses were actually so rude about it. They seemed really annoyed that they had to change the linen and asked me to ‘just move to another bed’  Then when I bled through my second pad they rudely just told me to go and fetch another gown and gave me another two pads…. They didn’t bother to close the curtains around my bed or anything.

The second crap thing is that when I went to the loo I passed a clot the size of my palm……This makes me wonder if the D&C was even necessary and also makes me think other bizarre thoughts.

OKAY: TMI over!

I had no physical pain or anything after the proceedure and I will see Dr J on 10th June for my POA. Now I just have to take my hormones so that my system can return to normal.

The only pain I have is the pain in my heart. I feel the emptyness of NOT being pregnant. I loved being pregnant. It was so nice to look after my body and nuture it so it could grow the baby. I know I will be pregnant again. I am more determined than ever before. I want to do my FET before as soon as I can.