Well I got to work REALLY late this morning, but it was all worth it.
Today my mind is at rest, and next Monday it will be even more at rest.
I was feeling nervouse over the weekend, but somewhere deep down I felt positive. Lots of people I spoke to had positive story’s to tell me. But you never really know. You always have to keep yourself reserved just in case……..

After an hour and a half wait I went and asked if my beta was ready.


So good news. The nurse told me that it had gone up beautifull and I needed to be scanned.

Dr V scanned me and DJ was with me. I think the purpose of the scan was to rule out an ectopic. I asked Dr V what he was looking for to which he replied “a sac”

…..and there it was. It was such a wonderful feeling to see it. The doc said he could see a yolk sac which is apparently also good because it shows that something is growing.

I have been told not to do any more betas. YAY! And to come for a scan next Monday, where we will hopefully see a heartbeat and I can relax a little more.

That is it for now.

Pray this week for a heartbeat.
Beat baby beat!