Well here is my update……
Yesterday I went for my fourth beta and it doubled!
So it has gone like this.
20 April Beta one – 63
24 April Beta two – 111
26 April Beta three – 136
28 April Beta four- 262 (I expected it to go down here)

My doctor said these words to me, which made me feel a bit better.
“your previous beta indicated that the pregnancy was not viable, however the next beta indicates that it is a viable preganancy. However we still have to have a conservative aproach”

So basically don’t get excited, yet. I have to repaet me betas tomorrow to see what is happening.

I must say I felt a little comforted with this news yesterday. I had stopped my medication, but started it immediatly yesterday after the news. Dr J says that I should have enough hormone build up in my body already so not to worry. But of course I am.

This morning I am even more confused, because I have started bleeding. Not too much. It isn’t even normally period colour.
So I have no idea…..what to think.
Tomorrow will bring more clarity.