What a day. I feel exhausted!

After wrinting this post I am going to go and have a nice relaxing bath.

Bad news: My beta is only 111 from 63 on Monday.

According to the clinic it was supposes to double and then double again. So we were hoping for about 250. Murphy’s Law, I get the news while I am in a meeting. URGH!

The clinic has told me not to panic. They say that it isn’t over yet, but I now need to go for another beta on Sunday – Which is my birthday. So it will either be a crappy birthday or a happy birthday.

My forum made me feel a lot better though as well as a lovely chat to Sharon on MSN. Thanks Shaz. They also say don’t panic yet…..

So for now I just try to keep sane until Sunday.

I realised today how different an IVF pregnancy (or ART)  is  than a natural. If this was a natural preganancy I would not even know what a beta IS! All I would know is that I am going for a scan in two weeks time and my preganancy test is positive. What bliss that must be……..

*big sigh*