So, I was told that I would get some sort of update today. (It’s not very big so don’t hold your breath)

I called our clinic at about midday, I mainly wanted to know what was happening with my donor. So apparently, she is still waiting for AF, which should happen any day now. Then she will start stimming on day two. So she should be stimming by the end of the week.

I am now on three estrogen a day. So I am ready for embryos. Just waiting to see what my donor does from now on. We still have an estimated ER date of 5th April. And then ET before or on the easter weekend. So I am gonna have some very special easter eggs this year. Hehehehe. That is my moms joke!

Otherwise I’m okay. A bit teary and very bossy. I asked DJ if I was becoming a pain yet and his answer “YET!!???” But he knows I am going to be a pain. So I guess he just keeps quiet and deals with it.

So that, is all for the moment folks. Now we wait for a week or so to see how many easter eggs there are. šŸ™‚