I know I have been quiet. But I have been very very busy. Here is what I have been up to.

Last Friday Dj and I got on a plane and went to Knysna for a long weekend. It was fantastic! My dad lives there so we got to spend some time with him. It was very very festive. Lots of eating and drinking. We went to all the cool places we normally go to when we are there Crabs Creak, Enricos and of course The Oyster catcher. The wheather was lovely so we got to float around in the heated pool for hours in the afternoon, while chatting about rubbish.

We got back on Monday evening and then on Tuesday morning it was time for DJ’s sperm to be tested. I was very nervous about this as it hasn’t been tested for 3 years and we had a very festive weekend. So I was nervous that all the alcohol would effect it. But thank goodness, in Dr V’s words he is ‘as strong as a bull’.

Then yesterday was my CD2 scan. Ovaries are quiet and I have now started on my estrogen. And guess what I saw on Veli’s desk………..CYCLOGEST!!! Yay. Apparently it came in on wednesday or something.Yay!

I’ll hear where my donor is on Monday, but I suspect that she has just started her period. So that means by next week she should be stimming. Sjoe! This is getting real people!

All I have to do is keep on taking my estrogen and then go in for a scan next week sometime to check my lining. And in between all of that, I’ll be thinking of my donor like mad!!!! I won’t know how many follies she has until just before egg retrieval. This is because things can change so quickly. I definatley understand this concept so I am totally okay with waiting. Although it is going to be rather torturous.

My biggest anxiety from now on are the following, in this order;

1.Please please do not hyperstimulate my donor. If this happens they will stop the cycle completely.

2.Please please may ER go well. My last donor ovulated a little earlier last time and lot half her eggs.

3. Please please let us get a good fert report. Last time we had NO fertilisation!

So these are the three hurdles we have to overcome until ET. Pray!

Otherwise we are back on our healthy healthy track.

I’ll say it again – ITS HAPPENING PEOPLE!!