On reflection of my recent jetsetting I have decided to compile a list of the things that irritate me the most. If I come across as moany please bear in mind that I have nearly completed a month of traveling recently. The next flight I take is gonna be one that involves a holiday……

Most of the irritation occurs at an airport.

People who clearly don’t travel often

These fabulous offenders are extremely irritating. But I do have a dash of empathy for them. I suppose we were all there once.

These passengers seem to move very slowly.This is normally because they have MASSIVE hand luggage. I still haven’t figured out the reason for this. But maybe it is because they don’t own one BIG bag???

They seem to think that the process of checking in is very exciting. They are chatty to the ground crew and seem to think the aiport is a magical place that needs to be savoured and appreciated. They ALWAYS have scizzors in their hand luggage and they argue with the security staff when the scizzor get confiscated.

They are also the ones that squeel when thier LAGS get confiscated. FYI- If you don’t know by now. You are not allowed to take containers that carry more than 100ml of liquid onto a plane in your hand luggage. I know it’s an irritating rule, but please let’s move on and get over it. In future leave your LAGS at home.

Questions, questions, questions.

“Is this the que?” This question is normally said using a tone of disbelief! The reason it irritates me is because I am already irritated! It’s just a stupid question!!!

“So, are you traveling on business” This is normally asked by someone standing in the que with you, or even worse, by the person sitting in the seat next to you! I personally don’t like to talk to people on the plane. I just don’t see the point. I mean I already have my book and the entertainment system, I’m not bored, OK!  And FYI, it comes across as CREEPY!

People in a hurry

These are the people who think that rushing around the airport like a loon is going to get them on the flight faster. They are the ones pushing and jostling you during check in. They also seem to think that they need to be the FIRST ones on the plane. So they make sure that they are first in the to board. These culprits are also the ones that stand up to get thier luggage while the plane is still taxing to a stop. I’m never sure how they think this will help them get off the plane sooner.

Now my humble opinion is this…….

Air travel needs to be viewed as a MISSION. You need to stay focused, calm and keep your eye on the prize. Your mission starts with check-in and ends with baggage claim on the other side. All steps in your mission are to be handled with precision and focus.

Be prepared. Have all your documentation ready and turn the music up on your Ipod!