So, here is an update.

Firstly, I am back in my home country, YAY!

It was fantastic to sleep in my own bed last night and cuddle my husband. I think I had the most relaxing sleep I have had in weeks. I will be flying again on Friday, but this time it will be for a visit to Knysna. So I am actually looking forward to the flight.

So today I had my meeting with my coordinator. The first thing she says to me is ” What if we do the Lucrin injection today?” My reaction, ” Absolutely! Lets go for it!” So we did.

This means that, I must take my last BCP on Friday. Then wait for AF to arrive.

Then I need to go in for a CD2 scan, which will probably be about Tuesday.

After that I start my estrogen, and then my donor starts to stim. We worked out that ER will take place around the 5th April. So my precious and wonderful donor can relax over the Easter weekend.

It was lovely to hear that (in my coordinators opinion) my donor is a very good match to me. Apparently our faces are a very similiar shape. This is like the cherry on top for me. I really liked that comment.

I asked about Crinone and aparently there may be an alternative by the time I need it. But as I said. If I must use it, I must use it.

So here we go guys. I’ll let you know how my CD2 scan goes, but I suspect it will be fine.