I sat down with a colleague the other day and we started chatting about our lives. She is getting married in November and so we chatted about the how far she was with the arrangements and the venue and blah blah blah.

The conversation then turned to ‘starting a family’. She very confidently anounced that she still had plenty of time. (She is 33) And only saw the need to start trying after she turned thirty-five. Of course my reaction was to inform her that she was in fact mistaken ……”Your egg quality decreases dramatically after the age of thirty-five. So don’t leave it to long”

I felt that I had to tell her this, and her reaction was one of disbelief. “Well my mother and grandmother had children in thier forties”
Well, in my opinion THAT simply shows that they were lucky. In fertile terms this is considered a miracle!

Now, is my thinking right or is it wrong. Am I right in saying that there are to many woman that believe that they have all this time to have a child. And is it not a dangerous perception for them to have. I also suspect that this is not the only ‘dangerous’ perception that woman have when it comes to fertility.

My thinking is as follows….

I have a very unrefined idea in my head. It involves educating young woman on their fertile health. My infertile journey has taught me so much about the ‘art’ of making a baby. And through my education, I have noticed the distinct lack of knowledge that woman have concerning their fertility.

Think about the knowledge that you had before you started trying to fall pregnant. Where did it come from? How much did you actually know?The last education that I remember recieving was in biology class at the age of 16. And the emphasis was more on – How not to fall pregnant.

When we actually started trying I knew;

  • That I should take folic acid
  • That I ovulated 14 days before I menstrated
  • That I should live  a relatively healthy lifestyle.
  • And that I should not put too much pressure on myself.

This was the information I recieved.

I have just asked a friend of mine what she knew.

“I knew that i had polycystic overian sydrome already so i knew if i did not come on i had to go to the doctor. I new that i would ovulate around 14 days from the first day of my cycle.”

“I knew that  i could take my tempertature everyday if i wanted to know when i was ovulating.”

So my point is…….

Do you think that young woman know enough about thier fertility?
What kind of information do you think would be useful?
If young woman were offered access to this information, would they be interested in recieving it?

Or is this idea in my mind insane……