If you weren’t previously aware I am away in Nigeria.
Last night when I got to my room I felt unsafe. So unsafe, that I used the chain ‘lock’ on my hotel door as an extra precaution. I am the only female on this trip, so I am surrounded by the male species. This makes me feel significantly safer, but last night I felt that my safely was threatened. I want to know if you think I am being paranoid or not.
The hotel we are opening is not habitable yet so we have to make use of an existing hotel. This hotel is also run by a SA company; the management team of the hotel consists of a few SA expats. My colleagues and I have indulged in conversation with a few of these expats during our time here. I think this is a natural occurrence. When you are in a very isolated environment it is nice to speak to people you have something in common with. The interaction is very shallow and we end up discussing politics, weather, ‘hotel stuff’ etc.
One of the expats in this group is the exec chef at this hotel, and over the last few days he has made me feel very uncomfortable. On Friday after work I decided to take a walk around the hotel grounds, it was still light and I was getting cabin fever sitting in my room. Next thing I know, there he is, offering to show me the rest of the grounds. My answer, no thanks I am meeting my dad for dinner in a few minutes, followed by a swift exit on my part.
Saturday night, I am sitting and having dinner with my dad.
He appears,
polite conversation,
followed by a comment directed at me, ‘Look out for a surprise in your room later’.
My reaction ……………..confusion!
I get to my room and a platter of cakes and strawberries has been delivered. At this point thought it was just a valentine’s thing that the hotel did. No panicking yet.
Then last night before dinner I run into HIM in the lobby. “You look tired” he says “How about a full body massage”. My reaction = NO!!!!!!!
Then last night at dinner one of the guys I am travelling with comments. “Oh, by the way, on Saturday night I had a visitor to my room. He thought that it was your room and had come to deliver strawberries and wine” WTF!!!!!!!!
Now people!!!!! Is that not bordering on harassment!
I am flattered, but I have NOT encouraged this behaviour AT ALL. I mean thank goodness he didn’t actually turn up at my room, because I would not have known what to do. It has actually freaked me out so much that I am avoiding being alone in the hotel public areas. From now on I’ll come down for breakfast and dinner five minutes after the agreed timed. Just so I am not alone with this freaky person.
Am I overreacting and should I just be flattered? Or am I justified in being freaked out!!!