A Valentines message…….

You take the edge off me! If I didn’t have you I think I would be slightly obsessive! But you have calmed me with your relaxed spirit. And you have taught me how to calm you. When you have the odd outburst!

You are so patient. Besides the obvious you are pretty pateient with other things too. I know you will have your motorbike soon love. Soon! You’ve been waiting a long time.

You put me first. Thank-you love for looking after me so well. It is so sweet that you are so protective and caring when it comes to my welfare.

You are a family man. I love it!!!!!  You are the type of person that will spend more time with your family than your friends. I can’t wait to make our family bigger (As in you, me and little one) You’ll make a fantastic DAD.

You have never held me back. When I spent three weeks in Seychelles, a month in Dubai, a week here and there, you have never said no! You have allowed me to grow. But soon there will be no more traveling. Soon!

You are my best friend, the love of my life. I love that we  say ‘I love you’ everyday.