You don’t have to like the people that you love

It’s a wierd concept really and I really hate that it’s true. I’m sure you know what I mean here. Jeepers, I have had boyfriends that I haven’t liked (as a person), but had deep deep ‘lurve’ for! But the most frustrating is the family member . At least you can be heartbroken by the bastard boyfriend that you really loved (but didn’t really like), and then get over it. But family members are really difficult to deal with, because you feel guilty! It’s such a conflict of emotion. I didn’t like having to learn this one.

Life is unfair, and there is NOTHING you can do about it

I first experienced this properly when I was about sixteen. I had a boyfriend that I was sooooooo in love with. Life was great! I was wearing ‘first-love’ tinted glasses and nothing could bring me down. Until……my stepfather lost his job and anouced that he had found another one…….IN ZIMBABWE! So off we went, we left our family, our friends, our lives and started a new in Harare. Now to a sixteen year old this is life shattering.If it happened now it would be bareable, but at the time it hurt, so bad! If I could give my sixteen year old some advice I tell her to ‘snap out of it’ and ‘enjoy the ride’. But I have a feeling she would have told me to %^&* off!

South Africans are a pain!!!

I think that I can confidently say that I have learnt more through travel than I ever learnt at school. The biggest lesson I ever learnt was in experiencing the difference in people all over Africa. Tanzanians are the softest people I have ever met, whereas Kenyans are fiesty!! But Nigerians are THE most assertive people I have ever met. What always stands out is the absolute humility of the other African nations compared to South Africans. While they go about their day to day life, we continue to moan and moan about everything. And we never do anything about it! I’m guilty too, don’t get me wrong!!!!!