I am feeling very very fragile lately!!!! This week has been crap!! I know that the reason is mainly PMS, but it seems that absolutely everone is trying to piss me off on purpose!!!!

Monday ……

Car won’t start. So husband comes back home to help me and gets it started SOMEHOW. I decided it needs to go in for a service. But I am not sending it to Renault because they are friggin expensive ….and guess what my service plan has JUST run out. So, I took it in to Bosch. Hopefully I will get it back in one piece.


Girl who shares an office with us anounces that she is pregnant! I don’t know why it affected me in such a deep way, but I went home and had pizza, chardonnay and a big fat cry!! I had a big fat – ‘it’s not fair’ cry. The only good thing about this day was the support I got form my mom and husband. They really have learnt to handle me well in these situations.


Husband is in a foul mood. Which makes me in a more foul mood. At least it was a good TV night!


On Monday I sent training material that I am going to use in Nigeria to the printers. And I go down to collect it today and there are mistakes and mistakes and mistakes. Laminationnot done properly, cutting is skew – AAAAAHHHHH. My reaction, “fix it now!”, printer guys reaction ” well it’s never going to come out perfect you know” – Tough shit for you buddy, I NEED perfect!

Please let tomorrow be better. I know it will as soon as AF comes, but it seems she is messing with me this month. With my luck she’ll arrive while I am on the friggin plane to Nigeria on Sunday.