So here we go……

We are really getting organised now and I am very pleased about it.

Yesterday we went to the clinic to speak to our co-ordinator about how this cycle will run.

So here is the plan…..

On the pill for a month with my donor. This is our syncing period. She’ll start her cycle a few days before me, and then start tims. I’ll then have 1x Lucrin (only ONE injection YAY!) and start estrogen to get my lining all nice and snuggly. This will my donor stims. From there we’ll see how we go with eggs and please please hope that my donor doesn’t over stimulate. Because if that happens they STOP the entire cycle. Then ER for my donor and ET for me depending on the embryo’s.

Apparently we will put no more than two back. This is because of the ‘youth’ factor in my donor. But we are happy with this!

So all we have to do now is to wait for my donor to pass her final tests and we are AWAY! She has already passed her scan and her HIV. We are now waiting for her AMH! After this we will sit down with our co-ordinator again and decide on actual dates.