‘Maybe they think that it would be harder for you to be around them since you can’t have your own baby, and according to your post, they would be right about that…’

The comment above was posted in reponse to my last post. Here is my reply……..

Yes, of course ‘they’ are right. It is hard to be around ‘them’.

It is – all kinds of hard!

It’s hard because I am not included in this ‘special club’, that you can only be included in if you have a child.

It’s hard because this ‘curse’ has been inflicted on me, when I have done NOTHING to deserve it. But most of all it is hard because ‘they’ find it too hard!

It is too hard to take the time to understand and empathise. It’s just too hard to deal with when you have your perfect family. It’s too hard to put yourself in my shoes and take the time to find out how I am feeling!

Well I am sorry that it is so hard! But I never asked to be such an inconvenience to you. I never asked to make it uncomfortable for you.

I don’t want to have heart to hearts with you about my plight every time I see you. But I would like you to acknowledge what I am dealing with from time to time.

If someone has cancer – you don’t stop talking about your health.

If someone is paralysed – you don’t stop dancing when they are around.

It’s not hard for me because you have children, it’s hard because you are ignorant!