Okay. I have it very clear in my mind now.
So I really can start planning and getting healthy and such.

The plan is to get over my ‘big’ projects in the first part of the year (Jan-March) and the go go go!!
I have a big hotel group coming on a recuitment trip at the end of Jan. The the first two weeks of Feb are being spent in Nigeria for the training of a hotel opening. Then I’ll be doing some training in Dubai in the first week of March. So I figure I will choice my donor after I get back from Dubai. This means IVF in April! And I am so super happy about this.

I think if I have completed these projects then I can’t worry about them. I won’t be stressed out and trying to juggle work and an IVF. I’ll also be due (and deserving) some days off. So I can have a guilt free embryo transfer at home with my feet up, watching ‘friends’.

When I thought about doing things this way last year I felt a bit ANGRY!!! But now that the edge has been taken off by the holiday – I feel okay.

I also started praying about it last year. My prayer was that God would allow for an IVF to happen in his time. So I trust that this is his will.

But let me tell you…..watch me freak out if someone plans another trip for me post March. the answer is simply NO!

Now I need to……..
1. Inform my dad of my plans so he doesn’t schedule me for training in some far off land.
2. Book an appointment with Doctor Debbie (Acupunture)
3. Get cracking on the exercise and loose a little weight.

What else, any suggestions!