Well, here we go! Back to the grind stone.
When my alarm went off this morning I was temted to pull the covers back over my head and go back to sleep. My husband is only going back to work on Thursday and it was so tempting to snuggle up to him and spend a few more days at home. But NO! Out of bed I got and started getting into the normal work routine.
1. Drink coffee in bed while watching Sky news.
2. Strech my neck and back.
3. Have a bath.
4. Get dressed and go go go!!

I was really really dreading this. So much so that I actually cryed on Saturday night. (I’m such a baby!!!) On reflection this must have been a reaction to the impending stress of work. I think I am scared of being stressed! Because I want to be relaxed and perfectly prepared for my IVF. I don’t want anything to stress me out and ruin my chances. Am I freaking out? Or can I say this is normal?

It can also be said that 2008 was a CRAP year. I suppose the anxiety of experiencing this again has broken me down a bit. But the good news is that I am feeling positive today. I started my day off by giving two of my clients a call. Tey both seem very happy. So it’s a good start.
I have made a to do list and discovered that I am relatively on top of things!!

So here goes! 2009 please be better than 2008!!