Well! Happy New Year everyone!

I realise I have totally neglected my blog….sorry. But I supose the reason for this neglect is the relaxing I have been doing.
I have tried to not even open my laptop this holiday. As there always tends to be something in my e-mail box to wind me up. So I have been downloading mail less and less over the last three weeks. I think it’s good.

Time to go back to work on Monday….BLAGH!! I am really really not looking forward to it. This holiday has really made me realise how much I hate my job. I hate sitting in that little office (with no windows) day after day week after week. Not to mention that recruitment is the most UNINSPIRING job in the world! (Well at least it feels that way!!) I am not looking forward to having to function on a business level with my dad again. It’s horrible to say it, but I have really enjoyed NOT having to speak to him every day over this season……..
I must say it really hurts to admit that. No daughter should have to feel that way.

In light of this ‘revelation’ I must admit that I need to do something about that this year. I’m not actually sure what that something is but somethings gotta give people!

I think I realised how much he gets to me yesterday, when my mom told me about an sms that she had senty to him. For those who don’t know my mom and dad are divorced. My mom often listens to my moans about him and she has voiced her concern that he puts me under too much stress.
So she sends an sms to him yesterday that says “In 2009 we will recieve the gift of a grandchild. I know you can’t afford to help pay but please provide the emotional support”

Now to me that sounds a little wierd!! And I don’t think that she should have sent it. Because it can be interpreted in a number of ways. But the worst thing is that I felt guilty about it for the rest of the day. I was almost expecting to recieve a phonecall from my dad telling me how wrong my mom was.

Now, it is surely wrong for me to think this way!!!! (Drives my husband crazy!)

This is the kind of thing I need to work on.
Any ideas!!!