So here I sit in Lagos Airport, waiting for the next few hours to go by before I can board my plan. I must tell you this week has been hectic and quite an experience as well. Nigeria is nothing like I expected it to be….NOTHING!

Now being an African country I sort of expected something along the lines of Kenya or Tanzania. If any of you have been to these places you’ll know talking about. They are typically very run down with small roads and buildings that are falling apart. But the key word is ‘small’. Where as you could never ever describe Lagos this way.

Firstly there are 16 Million pple in Lagos. And you can see it…. It is just wall-to-waal people here. When you walk out of the aiport on arrival it is actually quite a shock……because there are SO many pple.

While driving from the airport to the hotel you will notice that they have quite a lot of infrastructure. It basically looks the same as Gauteng…..just run down. Whith highways and offramps….and million of cars and people and motorbikes. In fact it seems that motorbikes are the main source of transport.

Sjoe….but more of that later chaps. I am tired, and my laptop is about to go dead.