Hello all! Greetings from a very busy Nigeria!
Ive been here since Monday evening and I must say THIS PLACE IS CRAZY!!!!!!! But crazy in a good way. I have NEVER seen so many people and the vibe is GREAT! I must say that it is totally NOT what I expected! I love it!!! But more about that later……
I need to tell you all what happened on Saturday. Now if you Joburgers recall….there was a HUGE storm on Saturday afternoon in Randburg. DJ and I had noticed that the weather wasn’t looking very promising and so we decided to make some popcorn and watch a DVD. Half an hour in it started to pour down. We really love a good storm (and there was lots of lightning) So we decided to stop the DVD and watch it bucket down from our lounge window.
As we stood there mesmerised by the storm DJ suddenly noticed that some of the storm had found it’s way into our house. As in ………….It was running like a river down our stairs!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! It was like someone had put a hosepipe through a window on our top floor. HOLY COW!!

What had happened was that the rain was so heavy that the drainage on outside balcony of our spare room could not handle the speed at which the rain came down. As a result the balcony filled up like a basin. Adding to this, out sliding door was slightly open. So of course the water streamed into our spare room and when that had become completely flooded in started to run down the stairs.

By the time that we had managed to hall every towel in the house out of the cupboard and fetch the ‘wonder mop’ thingy from the garage, the water had completely flooded most of the lounge and completely drenched the carpet in the study, which are both downstairs. As well as half of our bedroom upstairs.
Anyway, luckily most of our house is tiled. The only two flooded rooms effected were the study carpet downstairs, and the laminate flooring in our bedroom. These two rooms were definitely damaged. The laminate flooring is starting to swell and come up and the carpet in the study smells very very damp.
If you are wondering I do have a point to my story.
We have been in our house for about a year now and during the time we have spent there we have made a list of things we would like to improve. Unfortunately we will be able to do NOTHING this year as all our money is going towards an IVF. I think this makes DJ quite frustrated, which is understandable. I feel the same way. It’s very frustrating to not be able to buy ANYONE Christmas presents or spend a little money on spoiling yourself a bit. I know that we are saving the money for a very very good reason. But it is still frustrating! So anyway…………………………………………. Two of the things on our improvement list were;
1. New laminate flooring for the bedroom
2. New carpet for the study
And thanks to Outsurance, our wish has been granted! YAY!