So I am exhausted. I started the day really well and I have now run out of batteries.

Last night I went out with a lovely bunch of ladies. Sam, Sharon, Maritza and Adel. What a fabulous time we had. It’s just so nice to be around woman who understand what you are going through. I found that it just ‘fitted’ so nicely together. We chatted about the ups and downs of IF for a bit, and it just felt so comforting and normal to have the conversation. I suppose because I know you girls ‘get it’. It’s so nice that you never have to explain anything (like I sometimes do when chatting to the fertile community) and you just know that you are understood. Thanks ladies!!!

More exciting news is that I have just over one week left of work. YIPPPPPPEEEEE!

So I’ve been thinking about things that hubby and I can do during our time of. We are having a JHB christmas, and I am really looking forward to it. We spend every second year in Knysna with my Dad. And it really really is lovely because it is a beautiful part of the world. but at the same time it is busy. And this year I am not in the mood for busy. I’m in the mood for lazy days in the sun with a book, or a day out at the Zoo, or chiiling on the coach watching a DVD. So here are a few of my ideas………

1. A day out at the Zoo (JHB)

2. Lunch at Petez-area!

3.A drive out to Harties!

4. A trip to the Harties Zoo.

5. Starwberry picking at the Straberry farm.

6. A day at the spa with hubby.

7. A movie at the cinema.

8. A trip to Rosebank flea market.

Any other ideas! Let me know.