I can feel it, it’s getting closer and closer and I am so excited! March 2009 is nearly here!

IVF month is around the corner. Yipppppeeeeee!

What has struck me lately has been the fantastic suport I have been given by those close to me. My cousins keep telling me that they’ll be thinking of me. And one particular cousin asks about it everytime we speak on the phone. My mom is very pschyed up ……and keeps buying me IVF books. The latest one entitled ‘Is your body baby friendly.’ My best friend (Love you Mich!) is going to buy me some sort of ‘falling preganant crystal’ that I must wear from the time I recieve it. She has also returned a CD that I lent her when she was pregnaqnt. It is suposed to relax you and prepare you for birth. I have been instructed to put it on my ipod and listen to it every night before I go to sleep.

It is so touching to hear and feel everyones excitement and feel them cheering me on. It really really is.

My husband is also getting excited, but I think like me he is quietly TERRIFIED.

The terrified bit being that horrible voice in the back of your mind………’what if it doesn’t work?’

You have to acknowledge it. But I don’t like to give it too much air time. Is this the best way to deal with this? Who knows?

Some part of your mind is convinced that IT MUST BE OUR TURN NOW! But then there is the quiet, irritating reality.

And then I have all the support from those close to me and I feel……maybe mass positive thinking will play a part.

UUURRRRGGGGHHH! At the end of the day, I am loving this feeling and I’m not letting it go until I absolutelty HAVE TO. Who knows when that will be. Maybe I will come to my senses in 2009, or maybe ………who knows.

All I know for now is that I am sooooooooo excited!!!!!

Dear God,

Please can this turn be my turn, please.

From Me.