Well, I am in a fantastic mood today!

I have been through my candidates list and figure I have MORE than I need *smile*

And I got call this morning with some very promising news!!!! (Also business related)

So as far as work goes, I’m feeling good, then I had a realisation. If I am feeling good about work, it normally makes me feel good about the rest of my life. So whats the reason? Here comes the Ah Ha!

It seems work has a great impact on my life. I work for/with my dad and this is (90%) of the time NOT A GOOD thing! The relationship between father and daughter is precious. Add in a business relationship and it becomes complicated. Try five years of it and it changes the relationship completely. I would never recomend it to anyone – Don’t do it!

Anyway a goal of mine this year was to become more independant, in the sense of business. And to make my work baby-friendly.

Explaination: In previous years I have done major traveling, which turned out to be my only source of revenue. So….no travel = no salary ……………BUT this also equals travel + salary = No baby. So the goal was to create a source of revenue this year that will allow me to be pregnant and earn a salary.

Goal number two was to become more independant. So that I didn’t have to rely on someone else’s contacts and relationships in order to get work. Now, both these are not as easy as they seem.

And the two sets of good news I got today indicate that both of these are becoming a reality. If all goes well I should definately be an independant money maker by mid 2009. With the option to work at home when baby is born. BONUS!!!

The Ah Ha moment is that I never realised how much these two things stood in my way.

Dare I say it……If I had have fallen pregnant earlier it would not have been ideal.

Another Ah ha is ……………….. The reason why I’ve been feeling so teary lately is because work has NOT been going well, despite all my best efforts.

Until recently, and in the back of my mind I know……. No work= no salary + no independance = No baby!

Ah ha!