Right the tears have finally arrived and I feel like a TOTAL cry baby.

It seems that I have lost my backbone and so my standard response is tears!!! This has lead me to frustration with myself, as I feel like  a weakling that can’t handle anything. I tried to hold them in yesterday when I got the news that A MAJOR client has decided to visit us for a recruitment trip on the 23 DECEMBER!!!! Firstly this is right in the middle of my leave….and secondly most of our candidates will be away on holiday so the response is going to be very low. Plus how the hell am I supposed to find a venue now for that date!!! AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! I have adviced them to come at a later date….but who knows if they actually will.

So I pulled into my garage yesterday in TEARS (the ugly cry kind) My husbands response was to beg me to pls sort out what is bugging me. I really feel for the guy. I was in tears most of last week too. We went for a nice long walk to get some exercise and then had a very early night.

So I woke up feeling alright this morning. Until my brother phoned me to tell me how cute on of our friends babies is. (He was born yesterday) My reponse …….tears!!!!

So what is my problem!!!

Am I under too much pressure at work. Or am I (once again) mourning my infertility.

I really hate this feeling……my wonderful bestest friend has adviced me to take Friday off.