Well it is the 30th October. Jeepers Creepers.

This really means that there is only one working month left of the year. By December, those who are not on leave are ‘taking it easy’ at work. And others are enjoying the summer sun down at the coast or enjoying a really quiet JHB. (I’m doing the JHB thing this year)

So every year around this time I do a mental consolidation of the year, and this year it gets to be a blog posting. Lets start with question number one…..

What have I achieved?

This is actually quite a difficult one because I feel that it has been a really punishing year (work wise) In truth I have no huge monetary achievements to boast of, but this is a symptom of trying to set up a successful business as well as keep the other one alive. So I suppose I should be happy that we didn’t go under LOL. But seriously, I would say that the business events of this year have really forced me to stand on my own feet, make decisions by myself and cope under a lot more pressure than I have experienced before. Unfortunatly it has also taught me not to trust anyone in business. And to make sure that you have everything documented to back yourself up. I have stood up for myself in situations when I normally wouldn’t. I have changed my thinking slightly (to work on the business, not in the business) I have reviewed whether I really want to be my own boss. There are times where I just wish someone else had to worry about cash flow and paying this one and that one and business plans and budjets. blah blah blah……….

In the fertility department I shall give myself a huge pat on the back for getting back on that dam horse. It really was a big thing, having spent two years heartbroken and lost. I have come closer to accepting all realitys and have allowed myself for the first time to REALLY morn/feel/purge!!!  Now some of you may wonder what on earth I am talking about when I haven’t actually done any treatment this year. To clarify, I needed to go through this process of healing as I don’t think I fully allowed myself to before. It has almost been like opening an old box of photo albums that you haven’t looked at for years. And then you remember….and it all comes pouring back.

To be continued……………………

What can I learn from the events of this year?

Which parts have I loved?

Which parts have I hated?