To my reproductively challenged friends.

If I had a genie…..

I would wish;

That we could all fall pregnant at the same time. And be happily pregnant together. Growing our tummys everyday and sharing every wonderful moment. Eventually leading to the birth of our happy healthy babies.

All the pain would be taken away from us. We would begin to live normally without fear and anger.

We would have a better relationship with ‘Hope’. It wouldn’t be an emotion that teases you and tests you to your limits.

Disappointment would be ………. a flat tyre, a blue monday, or a bad movie.

Strength would be a word used to describe your coffee or a muscular man.

The phrase ‘Just relax’ would mean we were going on vacation to a tropical island.

BD, AMH, FSH, CD2, HSG would have no meaning to us.

Baby showers would be a celebration and not a challenge.

To be continued…………………………..