So what has been hapening with me?

It has actually been so hectic since I last posted that I can’t even remember what has hapened. I feel like the tazmanian devil. Everything is just whirling past me……..or I am just whirling past them.

On the ttc side, we have successfully gotten back on the horse. Wierd! Now when I say back on the horse I mean many things. We are doing the ‘try naturally every month – just in case’ thing. Which is new as we haven’t done that since the begining. I pulled out my licky thingy (although I have had no success in using it), I have been working out my most fertile days and then of course we have been doing the deed on those days.

As far as the donor cycle goes we have discovered a few things ….and have some decisions to make. There are two types of agencys, one offers pre-screened donors and they match you. The other lets you pick your donor but the donor has not had any screening. The first has a waiting list of six months and the other has no waiting list.

To be honest I have no idea if it is beneficial to have a pre screened donor or not. But I am swayed by the fact that I can choose my own donor. So hubby and I are leaning towards the agency that offers us that. Once my donor is chosen it will take six weeks to screen her….and if she passes…..a further six weeks to sync her with my cycle. So from selection I am looking at three months to the starting block.All in all I feel very comfortable with all of this.

The only thing that freaks me out is the &*%$# money. My mom has offered her entire bonus to us. Which really freaks me out…..and my stepfather will also help us. We will also put our bonuses in. It’s gonna be a lean christmas!

*sigh* On ward my time is nearly here.