Right so here’s the deal.

I got my call back from the sister at my clinic. They do have a list, however it is very sparse. I am staying on the list however who knows how long it will take.

They also use two agencys/recruiters/brokers (which is the correct  term?). Which I can then select a donor, but it adds about R15 000 on to the cost. So the total cost of a donor IVF is between R40 000 – R55 000. That just makes me feel sick. As firstly we have nowhere near that kind of money. And second of all, I really feel sick at the thought of it not working after spending that kind of money. I know I know…..I shouldn’t think of it that way!

So now to break the news to hubby tonight. I don’t think that he will be amused.

As a result I kind of feel irritated again! I mean…..come on! Give me a break! Send me a miracle! Just spare me more pain! But I also know that I will be strong …………………It just irritates me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why why why why why!

So me thinks that our only option is to approach our parents. Which makes me feel even more ill!