Today is a good day to blog.

It’s a good day for two reasons.

1. I am in a reflective mood.

2. It is the end of a very busy and successful week.

The week started off with a lot of energy. And I must admit has ended with none – I am exhausted! BBut I have achieved a lot. I have completed two hours of exercise, cut down on my intake of wine and stayed nicotine free (3 weeks!!!! YAY!) On the business front. I have sent candidates out to two of my clients, possibly picked up another two clients and helped our Kenyan agent get on her feet. I have also cut down on TV watching and devoted more time to reading (which I love). So all in all it has been a week with a definate theme. Healthy mind, heathly body, successfull business!

I must say that our new found healthy outlook has been born as a result of our ‘blood test news’. It wasn’t good news but it was an exercise in getting back on the TTC horse. And I must say we have a much calmer and more relaxed outlook than we previously did. If I look back my first few TTC years were filled with fear, anger and confusion. Whereas now it ‘feels’ different. It feels relaxed and positive and GOOD! Not good as in “YAY I’m infertile” Good as in…….acceptance. The acceptance of reality with a dash of hope (realistic hope).

We have decided to continue on the DIY route – just in case. Maybe we’ll be the lucky lotto winners, maybe not. I do smile at my wonderful husband though. I must tell you I have never seen him this involved. He is a mine of information at the moment. Last night he was telling me all about the lifespan of a sperm and egg. And when is the best time to ‘do it’. He even sent me a link to an ovulation calculator (You know – just in case) You gotta love him!

On the donor front….. I am getting very little information. Which is very frustrating.

First I was told that an outsourced broker would give me a call. Then I was told that my clinic still has a donor list, but the sister who handles it has changed. So to date I have left her THREE messages to please phone me so we can get this process moving. But NOTHING! And I am actually really concerned at this slip in service. My clinic is normally really ‘on the ball’. Hopefully I’ll have an answer next week.

So onward to the jam packed weekend!

I have lots hapening so will have lots to blog about on Monday!